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Nanomaterials and the EU Cosmetics Regulation: Implications for Your Company

By: Giles Chappell
Posted: March 20, 2012

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Notification: under Article 16(3), cosmetic products containing nanomaterials must be notified by electronic means to the Commission, providing data on identification, specification, quantity, toxicological profile, safety data and foreseeable exposure conditions. Such notification must occur six months before a cosmetic product containing nanomaterials is placed on the market, unless:

  • the cosmetic products are included in Annex III (list of substances which cosmetic products must not contain except subject to the restrictions laid down)
  • the cosmetic products were on the market before January 11, 2013, in which case they must be notified between January 11, 2013 and July 11, 2013. Furthermore, based on the notifications, by January 11, 2014, the Commission is required to make available a catalog of all nanomaterials used in cosmetic products placed on the market, including those used as colorants, UV-filters and preservatives in a separate section, indicating the categories of cosmetic products and the reasonably foreseeable exposure conditions.

Safety assessments (Cosmetic Product Safety Report): Part A of Annex I reconfirms that:“Particular consideration shall be given to any possible impacts on the toxicological profile due to particle sizes, including nanomaterials”.

The brand owners should also be aware that in October 2011, the Commission asked the SCCS to prepare a guidance document on the safety of nanomaterials in cosmetics. The guidance is currently being drafted and is expected to be made available later in 2012.

Further, product developers and brand owners should keep in mind that ongoing research and new scientific evidence may compel companies to find new ingredients within a short time-frame, as some previously allowed nanomaterials may become restricted. Thus, companies should review and, if necessary, adapt their supply chain as well as their contracts in order to take account of the obligations (current and possible future) on nanomaterials.

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