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PCPC Experts Offers Insights Into U.S.; EU Regulations

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: April 5, 2012

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Q: Are there any specific implications for companies utilizing natural ingredients or making natural claims?

Farah Ahmed: There are no specific implications for natural cosmetic products or ingredients. It is important to note that all cosmetic products and ingredients, regardless of whether they claim to be natural, must be substantiated for safety and must possess substantiation for the claims they make prior to going to market.

Q: One of the Personal Care Products Council’s focuses in 2011 was advocating for international harmonization of cosmetic regulations throughout the world. Are there any updates you can share or information on what’s on the immediate horizon?

Ahmed: We are working toward harmonization of appropriate cosmetic regulations and standards to facilitate trade, minimize unnecessary waste and promote public health. At the Organization of International Standardization (ISO), the U.S. (industry and FDA) is actively involved in harmonizing a number of aspects of manufacturing and testing of personal care products. In the U.S., ISO standards are voluntary, but are widely followed by cosmetic manufacturers. For example, most recently, ISO has finalized sunscreen test methods.

Lamoriello: Through the International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR), regulators and industry from the U.S., EU, Canada and Japan have been working for several years to achieve common principles and guidelines in a number of important areas—including nanotechnology, trace levels of heavy metals, cosmetics good manufacturing practices and the promotion of alternatives to animal test methods. The work being done this year will be presented at the 6th annual ICCR meeting in July 2012, which will be held in Washington, DC. For the first time, regulators from six other countries have been invited to meet with the ICCR regulators in a “Global Regulators Forum” and to observe the ICCR meeting between industry and regulators. It is our hope that the work achieved in ICCR will be considered by other countries that are developing their own regulatory systems and practices.