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Trade Routes: The Ten Commandments of Global Business

By: Michael Wynne
Posted: October 2, 2007

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3. There are No “Lesser” Markets
Just because it’s an underdeveloped market doesn’t mean you shouldn’t deliver quality products and services. All markets require and deserve your full effort.

4. Don’t Destroy Local Competition with Unethical Marketing
Predatory pricing (i.e., “dumping”) and other unethical practices to gain market share hurt everyone in the long run, including those who practice them.

5. Be a Global Organization with Equal Treatment and Opportunity for All
The idea of a home office where certain employees receive preferential treatment compared to those in other regions undermines the company’s global effectiveness. If your company is truly global, it cannot be exclusively American or Japanese or British or Chinese. It must be a citizen of the world.

6. Develop People Everywhere
A business is only as good as its employees, wherever they are. People everywhere work for more than a wage or salary. The people who will make your business grow also want to grow. Developing people is a good investment everywhere in the world.

7. Honor the Environment
No environment on our planet is less important than another. A company cannot profit at the expense of any environment.

8. Honor Local Laws
Like them or not, local laws must be obeyed. No company is above any country’s law.