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Profile: Filling a Spa Niche

By: Pamela Hill
Posted: February 11, 2008, from the February 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Hill has been active in all aspects of the line’s production.

“We use [a] sample to see if it works the way we want it to as an individual product and as a product within the line,” she says. “If it doesn’t—and rarely is it perfect the first time—we give the manufacturer feedback, and a new version of the product is made.”
Hill has also authored 13 books—with two more on the way—to educate graduate estheticians and registered nurses in the medical spa and spa industry about patient care, new treatments, safety policies and training procedures.

“We insist that each treatment is performed the same by each esthetician or RN; clients depend on this,” says Hill. “It is like going to a restaurant and getting your favorite dish prepared differently each time. If you like something, you want it the same each time.”

Hill received her nursing diploma from Presbyterian Hospital and Colorado Women’s College and has practiced nursing for more than 25 years. Her background as a registered nurse has aided in the success of her spas in Denver and in Highlands Ranch, which were founded in 1991, attracting nearly 1,000 clients per month between the two locations.

“Our clients love our treatments and are excited to know that they are on the cutting edge of the investigative work that I do, whether it is a new treatment or a new product,” Hill says. “Some of the treatments I am passionate about currently include the use of LED (light emitting diodes), fotofacials [intense pulsed light] and Fraxel skin treatments.”