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Focus on Eye Pencils: Q&A with Linda Eisner

Posted: March 5, 2008

Linda Eisner, founder of pencil me in cosmetics, spoke with GCI magazine about environmentally-safe products and her company.

GCI: What was the process involved in formulating the pencil me in product line, from concept to the shelf?

Linda Eisner: While working in the private label cosmetics arena for over 20 years, designing successful brands for other companies, I fantasized about having my own line. With the tremendous support of my husband, Michael Eisner, I created pencil me in cosmetics. He is the “M.E.” in pencil me in. I wanted to create a healthy pencil for the eye area, since nutrients can be absorbed into the body through the delicate eye tissue. I was already representing a fabulous pencil manufacturing facility and knew there was a need for a natural healthy cosmetic pencil, so I asked this factory to create a formula that would meet my specifications and requirements. I asked them to modify our then-current luxurious formula and add vitamins and antioxidants to it. Once the formula was perfected, it took months to create the right shades. All the colors were tweaked to be different—not the ordinary eyeliner shades currently in the marketplace.

Thirty shades to appeal to everyone. Slight amounts of glitter were added to six shades for a subtle but sophisticated sparkle. Another seven shades are very pastel, white, silver or gold in color. I love this look and wanted to share it with the world. Try applying one of these shades in a thin creamy line to your upper eyelid very close to your lash line. (Perhaps the sky blue or buff beige eyeliner). The pencils are highly concentrated with pigment color. It won’t seem like you are applying enough color at first until mascara is applied. But then you will be amazed at how the soft colors pop and show the beauty of your eyes. Use the deeper, more seductive shades under the eyes like Boysenberry and Greystone. For convenience, the cap of the pencil is a pencil sharpener—no need to hunt for pencil sharpeners anymore; it comes attached to the pencil! After product formula, colors and pencil design, the next step was designing the perfect cosmetic pencil display. This display needed to take up a small amount of counter space, have easy self-service access, be easily cleaned and have tester availability for all colors. The pencil me in display meets all of the requirements. The pre-pack contains 12 of each color and 30 eyeliner pencil testers. Each pencil is individually shrink-wrapped with the UPC label underneath the clear plastic sleeve. The sides of the cosmetic pencil display are easily removable for cleaning. Now pencil me in cosmetics is looking for upscale salons, spas and boutiques to retail the pencil me in eye accent pencil line.

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