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Maximizing the Male Market

Posted: March 31, 2008

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Typically, a man’s first service in a spa occurs based on a need for eyebrows to be groomed, body hair to be manscaped or a hairstyle to be brought out of the 1980s.

To start generating a male clientele, target advertising and in-house marketing to the female, as she will most likely be a man’s driving force.

Step 2: A comfortable start

Once the men are led through the spa’s front door, it is up to the facility’s team members to educate them on what their grooming and wellness needs are, as well as how the spa can help fulfill them in a man-friendly, safe environment where they can still be men.

Here are some ideas on how to make male clients feel welcome and comfortable.

Give them a tour. Show them the layout—it’s not a place to be feared. Offer water or a beer, maybe magazines to peruse, and show them the amenities. Is there a gym or locker room? Steam shower? Sauna? Whatever your male clients are looking for when they enter your spa, be sure to show them where it is so they don’t feel uncomfortable when looking for it.