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Maximizing the Male Market

Posted: March 31, 2008

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Introductions. Familiarize them with the staff, and help them feel at ease by having team members use first names. For men, the spa should be like the television show Cheers—it’s where everybody knows your name.

Education. Teach and show men, using stimuli or visual aids, about the variety of services and the benefits and results of each, and the visual aids should be men-specific. In other words, when informing male clients about what is available at the spa, use pictures of men receiving the services. This helps put the service in their grasp of reality. Allowance. Offer them the remote to the TV so they can choose what they want to watch, and allow them to steer the topic of conversation during the service. If they don’t choose anything to discuss, engage in the traditional male-friendly topics—sports, politics, movies, local happenings and the like.

Step 3: Keeping men engaged

Now that you have him in the door and feeling all right about being there, how do you keep a man’s attention and turn this potential one-night stand into a long-term relationship?

Bundling services. Offer a hot shave with a haircut or a scalp treatment while he’s getting a facial. Suggest a manicure and pedicure following a massage or have a manicure done during a haircut.

Express services. Keep it short and sweet—men can get bored quickly. Get them in and out with shortened services such as an express manicure that is 10–15 minutes long instead of the typical spa manicure that can be up to 45 minutes long.