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Maximizing the Male Market

Posted: March 31, 2008

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Talk it up. Tell your male clients what home care products are necessary to maintain skin health, and talk in terms of results.

Men are purchasers—not shoppers. They don’t want to look around, browsing lots of different things; they want you to pick it out for them, make it easy and tell them what it is. Once you lead them to the product they should purchase, they will—as long as it isn’t overwhelming. Never offer them more than two items, and suggest products that multitask, such as a cleanser for the hair, face and body.

Quick, simple and value. These are the characteristics that will catch a man’s attention. Promotions and sales help direct a man to purchase what he needs.


With the outline for success discussed, one thing that it is imperative in continuing that success is your spa’s team members.

Consistent faces. Hire for the long-term, as it solidifies the comfort factor with your client so they can feel as though they are building a relationship with your team members.