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Healing Touch: Skin Care Q&A with Sonya Dakar

Posted: March 31, 2008

18th October. Los Angeles, CA. Skin Care Guru to the stars Sonya Dakar at her salon.

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GCI: What antiaging trends are on the rise among consumers, worldwide? For example, why does there seem to be a higher demand for antiaging cosmeceuticals now more than ever?

Sonya Dakar: Alternatives to BOTOX and other injectibles; I can’t help but notice how many people want to look young but natural at the same time. Also] spas are so big now, and consumers want to take that experience home with them. This is evident in the sales of masks and at-home treatments, soaks, body polishes… They want to have the spa experience every day, not just when they treat themselves to an actual vacation or spa a few times a year.

GCI: What are some ways your products fill a need in the skin care industry?

Sonya Dakar: I still work with clients 10-14 hours a day. I do it because I love to heal people and really enjoy time spent with my clients, but this also puts me ahead of the trend. I see what is going on first-hand with consumers today. And so when I go to develop product, I do so from a needs basis. I see what is out there, what is going on, and then I work on developing products that can offer solutions. A perfect example of that is when I launched a product called Recovery. This is a gel that is ideal for post-laser, peel or dermabrasion. I noticed that there was nothing on the market that could help people heal from medical procedures. All that was being offered was greasy, over-the-counter antibiotic ointments that would cause my clients breakouts. The water-based Recovery was an instant success that really filled a need in the industry.

GCI: How does your new “fitness facial” BODY product line work?

Sonya Dakar: I always told my clients that I treat the skin and not the face. Skin is one completer organ. Why treat your face different, or in most cases better, than the rest of you? Since my face care philosophy is “facial fitness,” the body care is total skin fitness. I developed my body care products with the same high-end skin care grade ingredients that go into my skin care products. The cost is very big to manufacture, but well worth it. I would not put my name on the bottle otherwise.

GCI: How do you use many of these products in spa treatments?

Sonya Dakar: We have developed total skin fitness treatments. They are similar to facial treatments with analysis and exfoliation; I have even developed a professional-only Skin Fitness Peel that can address any age control, discoloration or any other skin concerns. It is a true treatment and not just a beautiful and relaxing spa experience.

GCI: What cosmetic or personal care product can’t you personally live without?

Sonya Dakar: My Omega 3 Repair Complex—this is an oil-based on flax seed oil that nourishes my skin. I use it everywhere. I of course can’t live without my 365 SPF 30 Sunscreen, Visualift Eye Cream and Ultraluxe 9 Age Control Complex. Other items are Franché Mineral Cosmetics’ lipgloss and Kim Vo hair products. I use the entire line and adore them!

GCI: What projects are on your roster now, and for the near future?

Sonya Dakar: I am working on quite a few projects. In the next few years, I hope to open up additional Sonya Dakar Skin Clinics in key markets, some line and brand extensions and a few more projects (that are still in early stages of development). It is an exciting time for me, my family and the skin care industry!