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Inside Tricoci Spas' Nature’s Alternative Line: Q&A with Elaine Sauer

Posted: March 31, 2008

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GCI: How did you decide on the packaging for the Nature’s Alternative line?

Elaine Sauer: We looked at what could be used to preserve the efficacies of the products and limit cross-contamination. We tried to get away from white packaging, but then we came full circle. The inner packaging vessels are white and grey—pearlescent. They’re unisex.

GCI: Which products do your clients swear by, specifically?

Elaine Sauer: With the antiaging line, we’re focusing on an eye nourish serum and a luxurious face firming face and neck cream…. MMP is an enzyme that breaks down collagen and other protein-based structures. The MMPI (Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitor) in the Luxurious Firming Face and Neck Lotion is a compound that reduces the effects of the MMP—crease wrinkled, thin and generally dull-looking, aged skin. The refining serum is the key element in our clarifying line. That particular product has totoral, which is found in various plants like cypress, juniper and rosemary. It has antimicrobial properties and prevents scarring and discoloration from acne. The oil-free moisturizer is also a huge hit because of the lightweight formula of gel and lotion. People love it, especially men.

GCI: What are some of the special treatments given at your spas/salons that feature products from your line?

Elaine Sauer: We have our Nature’s Alternative Skin Clearing Acne facial and our N.A. Skin Clearing Back Treatment. New for Spring 2008 is the Non-Surgical Facelift treatment, which includes microcurrent, vibrational microderm and light therapy. This is available in a single service but is far more effective to re-educate the muscles in a series, and that is what we recommend for best results.