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Let Project Management Boost the Bottom Line

Posted: June 12, 2008
The next time you hear the words “bottom line” when you’re sitting in the audience at a company meeting, don’t roll your eyes. Instead, think about all the ways that you as a project manager can help to boost that bottom line.

Top Five Project Management Bottom-Line Boosters

1. Develop clear and quantifiable goals. If a goal is murky and indistinguishable, how does anyone know when and if it’s done? Don’t hide behind a curtain of vagueness. Be clear and make it measurable because a wise woman once said, “What gets measured, gets done!”

2. Track time and dollars spent. When you can show your boss and your team exactly where you are both in terms of time allocated and actual dollars spent, you’re speaking their language. Nothing makes upper management quiver more than not knowing where they are on a mission-critical project.

3. Meet deadlines and milestones. If your team is missing every single deadline and project milestone, there’s generally a reason why. Don’t accept this as normal. Do you have too many false deadlines in your company culture, so people no longer accept them as real? When you understand what impedes meeting deadlines, you can get answers that not only get your project back on track, but save your organization time and money.