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Sweet Tarte: Taking Inside-Out Beauty to Heart

By: Karen A. Newman
Posted: August 26, 2008, from the October 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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DiResta’s experience predates the blog craze, dating back to the early online makeup communities. She believes that beauty brands can’t underestimate the unfiltered feedback found on blogs and online communities. “At tarte, we welcome that kind of feedback—that’s really what helps you take your products to the next level,” says DiResta. Many bloggers develop loyal readers who trust them because they know that in most cases the writers aren’t catering to advertisers. In that way, she says, the bloggers are brand ambassadors.

Ever Higher

Even with all the awards and financial success, Kelly isn’t one to rest on her laurels, to relax and say, “We’ve made it.” She works every day to raise the bar, pushing things to the next level. Her days have been pretty hectic, as they focus on tarte’s multichannel strategy, working nonstop with QVC and Sephora. “With all of the wonderful new natural offerings and advanced technology, there is always room for improvement,” says Kelly. “It did help, however, when Oprah Winfrey chose our lipgloss for her O list—I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do a little dance when that issue came out!”

It seems as though there is no shortage of things to dance about: she’s giving new meaning to living the inside and out beauty notion, but the new baby isn’t the only thing on Kelly’s calendar for 2008. She and DiResta also look forward to expanding tarte’s natural product offering and to taking the brand global.