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Professional Spa Skin from Joey New York

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: September 5, 2008, from the September 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.
Joey Chancis and Arlyne Roer

Joey Chancis, CEO, and her mother, Arlyne Roer, president, Joey New York

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GCI: Joey New York produces non-surgical dermatological fixes. How have the industry’s wide array of new topical and ingestible skin care alternatives to Botox affected your product launches?

Joey Chancis and Arlyne Roer: The beauty of Joey New York is that we are always one step ahead of the game. We are truly trendsetters. This is what sets us apart from everyone else. When we launch a product that is innovative and the first of its kind, we expect to have others try to duplicate it. By the time other companies jump on the bandwagon, we are already launching something new. We just launched Wrinkle Sprinkle on QVC, a powder to emulsion wrinkle smoother. This is the first of its kind. Let’s see how long it takes before we see others try to develop this product.

GCI: What have been the milestones thus far in your career?

Joey Chancis: There have been so many great things and moments during the span of our careers, but they all seem to blend in together as the growing process, and sometimes its little things that mean so much to us. I think more than anything it is the acceptance into the beauty world—being recognized and appreciated. That is a gradual process, but we acknowledge this on a daily basis as a milestone.

GCI: What is key to balancing your business and personal lives, and how do you relieve stress?