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Finding Your Niche in Salon Hair Care

By: Karen A. Newman
Posted: October 13, 2008, from the March 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

Consumers are pampering their hair as never before, and salon product manufacturers have responded with products and services aimed at very specific problems, special interests and aspirations. With sales of salon products expected to rise and new markets for salon services opening up around the world, opportunities abound.

Eco-friendly Aerosol

MOP (Modern Organic Products) has wanted to present a “chic brand of eco-friendly personal products” since the company was founded in 1998, and it introduced an environmentally friendly aerosol hair spray in February. C-system Firm Finish Strong Hold Hair Spray was designed for MOP’s environmentally conscious customers who prefer aerosol performance. The aerosol product is said to have zero environmental impact, due to a low alcohol content that evaporates on release, as well as the mandated absence of VOCs. What lands on the hair offers “firm yet flexible hold, antioxidant support, color preserving UV screens and wonderful natural scent,” according to the company.

“We’re proud to offer salon stylists and their clients an aerosol hair spray with a maximum performance level while offering a smart choice in terms of respecting the environment,” said Robin Olson, marketing director, MOP. “It’s MOP’s mission to continue to expand our product line in a way that promotes modern hairdressing with a hip twist on how to incorporate organics into everyday lifestyles.”

Small but Mighty

The science of small is on everyone’s mind lately, and nanotechnology, the relatively young science of making materials out of atoms, has been part of PureOlogy’s products since 2001. With the launch of its NanoWorks line, PureOlogy Serious Colour Care, creators of products for color-treated hair, has put the buzz words on the label. Using nanotechnology, PureOlogy reports it is able to enhance hair color vibrancy, strengthen, moisturize and dramatically improve the condition of hair as never before possible.

NanoWorks Shampoo and NanoWorks Condition contain antiaging ingredients–including green tea, sugar cane, vegetable proteins, and citrus and wine extracts—to “provide a youthful look and feel, increase hair strength more than three times, and enhance color radiance and shine,” according to the company. Further, anti-inflammatory mushrooms (shitake, mannentake and mucor miehei) care for the scalp while nourishing and repairing processed hair. Guar gum and shea butter offer conditioning, slip, shine and detangling. The allergen-free fragrance of jasmine, amber, vanilla and rose promotes a positive sense of well being—and also is excellent for sensitive scalp and skin.