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A Feminine Touch: Q&A with Sue Devitt

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: November 3, 2008, from the November 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.
Sue Devitt, Founder of Sue Devitt Beauty

Sue Devitt, Founder of Sue Devitt Beauty

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Sue Devitt: The brand is honest, high-performance, effective, and it delivers everything it promises and more. There’s a conservative approach to the packaging—both for convenience and from sustainability’s point-of-view—and the formulations are essential and luxurious, yet affordable.

GCI: How do you relieve stress and balance your business and personal lives?

Sue Devitt: Inspirational trips keep me motivated and excited. I have always liked discovering beauty in the far and distant corners of the world and all beauty-related procedures and practices. I am committed to a healthy lifestyle in terms of nutrition and a regular fitness regimen that includes yoga, pilates, meditation and of course, sleeping well. I make sure I have time for a personal life, including beach walks, bike and horse riding, playing tennis, sailing and skiing with friends. For intellectual stimulation, I surround myself with friends and colleagues who are creative, like-minded and philanthropic.

GCI: You are a world traveler, but what is your favorite destination?

Sue Devitt: Home. It’s a place to revitalize, relax and create. It’s wherever I am—Australia, New York City or wherever I find my carryon bag, blackberry and cell phone.

GCI: Lastly, how do you believe the beauty industry, specifically color cosmetics, is changing, and what ideas do you think will be important for professional makeup artists to pay attention to next year?

Sue Devitt: Many of today’s women aren’t interested in trends merely for the sake of being trendy but are also interested in connecting with a brand on a social and environmental level. The women that I know are comfortable in their own skin and are forging their own trends either as entrepreneurs or philanthropists. Making a positive and sustainable impact on our environment, educating, creating jobs… that is what’s important. So in terms of that—looking professional, well groomed and savvy—is also as important as figuring out the next season’s look.

Editor’s note: Sue Devitt Beauty is available in the U.S. at Barney’s New York, QVC, select Ulta stores and luxury boutiques and spas. In the U.K., the collection is available at Harvey Nichols and QVC. Sue Devitt Beauty is also distributed in Canada, Mexico City, Korea, Dubai and the Philippines. For more information, read "The Beauty of Color" in the December 2008 issue of GCI magazine.