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Profile: Expressing Individuality

By: Neil Morris
Posted: September 6, 2007

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As a company thriving in the niche and individual market, Morris and partner David Garten saw a need to reach a wider audience. “I kept hearing that people were yearning for different fragrances, to stand out from the crowd, something different than what was offered by mass merchandised fragrances,” said Morris. As a result, their ready-to-wear fragrance line was born.

“This year, we launched a ready-to-wear line of eight fragrances—Aegean, Afire, Clear, Coral, Midnight Flower, Quest, Storm and Zephyr. Our plan is to grow our distribution network through a very select group of high-end boutiques that understand and cater to the clientele that we are trying to serve,” said Garten. “I think a big part of our success has been staying nimble and able to react to the market. We are not looking five years out, more like a year. We aren’t tied to the purchasing cycle of the major department stores. Therefore, if we hear that there is a demand for a certain fragrance, we can, potentially, have it on the shelves of retail partners in six weeks.”

Having a finger on the pulse of the market has allowed the company to grow with its customers. But for Morris, the contact with perfume lovers is what he finds truly enjoyable. “I love being in the stores and introducing people to my fragrances, personally explaining to them my inspiration for creating them, as well as the basic formula,” said Morris. “The blogs are also a great way of keeping in contact with fragrance lovers.” Some of his favorites include, and
Innovation within this marketplace keeps it fresh and exciting. “I love when a perfume pushes the envelope,” said Morris, who promises that individuality and innovation are two factors that will continue to drive fragrance creation at Neil Morris Fragrances.
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