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The Beauty of Strategy—Plan to Succeed

By: Sheri L. Koetting
Posted: November 9, 2012, from the January 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.
Infographic on MSLK's eight beauty strategy components

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Design alone is just one part of telling a compelling brand story. Without the foundation of the previous steps of strategy and positioning to communicate, design can often fall flat.

A smart design strategy turns the highly subjective process of evaluating art into an objective process. With the other parts defined, we can evaluate the fonts, colors, imagery, copy and overall mood of the designs by asking questions such as, does this convey the brand's mission and position? Is the brand architecture clear? Does it stand out among the competition? Is it compelling to the consumer?

Adding Up the Eight

In this manner, all eight components add up and help a brand cut through the retail clutter, connect with consumers, and become an enduring, sustainable brand that defies the odds.

Sheri L. Koetting is the co-founder and chief strategist of MSLK, a marketing and design agency based in New York. MSLK specializes in helping beauty brands find their voice in today's crowded marketplace through 360° brand positioning—from overall brand strategy to brand identity, packaging, retail experience, websites and social media campaigns.;