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The Case for Sustainability in Beauty

By: Amy P. Longsworth
Posted: June 3, 2010, from the June 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Starting in 2010, Henkel will cut its annual CO2 emissions by about 7,000 metric tons by shipping products by rail instead of trucks in Germany.

3. Communicate: Share your vision, your plan for addressing key impacts and your success with your most important audiences. These may include employees and suppliers as well as consumers. Many companies shy away from talking about their actions in environmental responsibility—fear of being accused of greenwashing is a frequently cited factor. But doing and saying nothing is the greater risk, as the market and regulatory landscape call for greater responsibility and more transparency.

Taking simple steps toward environmental sustainability contributes to a healthier world. It also saves money and helps people understand how choosing your brand lowers their eco-impact. Now that’s beautiful.

Amy P. Longsworth is a partner with Esty Environmental Partners, a management consulting firm that helps corporate clients build high-impact environmental strategies that create sustainable business value. Longsworth specializes in environmental marketing and communications, and has worked on environmental strategy for leading consumer goods and personal care products companies. She can be reached at