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The Green Report Part II

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: September 6, 2007
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GCI magazine continues its discussion with beauty industry insiders to gain insight into where the industry stands in the effort to go green.

In its August issue, GCI magazine asked a panel of seven industry experts where they think things stand with the move toward green. This month, Alban Muller, president, Alban Muller International, and Thierry Cruchon, general manager, SILAB, weigh in.

Where does the beauty industry, in general, stand in meeting growing demands for natural and sustainable products? How effectively is the industry “greening?”
Alban Muller: The cosmetic industry has always been using so-called “natural” products, unfortunately tooting a marketing horn without going more in depth into the efficacy realities of natural actives. Today, the attitude goes well beyond the “natural miracle organically grown plant from the top of the Himalaya, drowned into propylene glycol and preserved with parabens.” Today, “naturals” as such are out. Consumers want more. They are getting more and more concerned by protecting their environment, and show skepticism toward mere marketing claims; they expect more than a superficial “natural” label. No worry, the answer for the market is simple: sustainable development.

That global and vital approach means that all the ingredients used and the packaging, boxes, inks, transportation, production processes, etc., should be analyzed in detail and precisely revisited in order to first evaluate and then improve their impact on the environment, progressing to zero footprint. This is what we are working toward, beginning with a charter for the “eco-responsible natural cosmetic,” and we are elaborating in the Cosmetic Valley (an association of companies working toward responsible development and synergies between them) competitive cluster.