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The Green Report Part II

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: September 6, 2007

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•    Concerning the concept/product development issue, we ensure an advanced knowledge of what nature has to offer; we keep working on new raw materials, wherever they are coming from. We do study their toxicological profile and know their physio- and chemical properties

•    Concerning the scientific issue, we rely on the latest discoveries in the field of dermatological research. We work to warrant the perfect homeostasis of healthy skins and try to solve cutaneous dysfunctions like microbial invasion, skin dryness, loss of elasticity, tissue inflammation and wrinkle appearance.

•    Concerning our industrial processes, we apply the good manufacturing practices that are well-established in the cosmetic industry, which have been inspired from the pharmaceutical industries.

Up to now, one of the green innovations that has made the greater impact on the beauty industry is undoubtedly “green chemistry.” Personally, we have set up such means of extraction in water since the beginnings of SILAB.

How has demand for naturals and sustainable products fostered product development? Is it a gradual process or have you been forced to make large and immediate strides? Have innovations had to veer from course, i.e. innovations other than those impacting green trends having to be set aside?
Alban Muller: All our new products are now eco-designed; we take everything into account. Let’s say it has been a constant improvement process, which, today, becomes a clear marketing advantage.