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Manufacturing Excellence: The Building Blocks of Stronger Brands

By: Simon James
Posted: October 14, 2008, from the June 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Electronic design life-cycle management is all about getting these players on the same page. Considering that 40 or more people have influence and approval on an individual project, getting them on board with one another is half the battle. Supplying the tools to change and collaborate on a design while it’s in process is the other half. Superior design life-cycle management solutions should deliver on both, and foster the innovation that leads to packaging that builds brands and drives sales.

While innovation is a current buzzword that pervades many industries, it is the key competitive advantage—fostering it, speeding its pace, and executing its results translates into better sales, stronger brand equity and repeat business.

An ideal design life-cycle management solution removes time-consuming logistic and business-process steps, essentially minimizing the tedious back-and-forth nature of approvals and revisions. If a major health and beauty product company has the proper communication, collaboration, and execution software platform in place, the people it pays to manage brands and develop sales-driving packaging are freed up to do actually do what they are experts at doing—move product and build brands. Instead of worrying if Hal in legal or Sally in compliance have reviewed and approved new packaging, a brand manager can put her time where it counts.

Take a deep breath and review the past 20 years. Unprecedented liberalization in markets across the global economy have been witnessed: freer trade, lower tariffs, and the rise of widespread economic growth in China and India. Throw in for good measure the march of technology, increased outsourcing, merger-mania—and it’s a dizzying vista indeed.

My point is that companies that are open, flexible and adaptable have not only survived, but thrived, and will continue to do so. The innovators will continue to come out on top. Fostering innovation is no cliché. Quickening its pace and executing its outcomes are a necessity not just to survive, but to thrive.