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Manufacturing Excellence: The Building Blocks of Stronger Brands

By: Simon James
Posted: October 14, 2008, from the June 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

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And in the package-development process, it’s innovation that drives the superior design that moves products off the shelves and into shopping baskets. In other words, health and beauty brand managers can focus more energy on building a powerful brand platform for their specific products, and less energy on building an individual package.

Building the brand and maximizing shelf impact boils down to the consumer standing in a store deciding what to buy. Fostering the necessary innovation to unleash sublime design will be the key competitive advantage. Consumers, after all, don’t see an innovative product on a store shelf—they see the packaging. Clearly, equal focus must be paid to excellence in package design. Design life-cycle management as a comprehensive solution will help CPCs focus their energies where it truly counts.