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Full Service Fill Up

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: September 4, 2007

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“Simplex is constantly striving to achieve these [standards],” says Bertolucci. “The business model today has changed from the departmentalized corporations to highly efficient small business teams. Work handled by three people in the past is now handled by one person. The machinery fills in for the reduced manpower. This opens the door for a new generation of entrepreneurs in a highly competitive world market. Individuals expressing their view of a better mousetrap will open up a future of unlimited possibilities. Using machinery as the tool [it was] meant to be and freeing up more people to use their creativity will only improve our future. What is difficult is keeping rising costs of materials in check. Customers do not see the associated rising costs of materials and the general loss of technically proficient fabricators and technical personnel. These are the difficult challenges facing us in the future.”

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