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Videojet: Tag—You're It

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: March 17, 2006

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Laser coding, too, is appropriate for perfume bottles and high-end packaging, imparting a crisper, cleaner look. Laser codes are also permanent, so they are tamper-proof.

In terms of cost-efficiency, after capital costs, ink jet adds approximately $.05 per 1,000 pieces. Laser coders, in theory, add no cost after the capital cost.

So, as markets for your products evolve and grow, it’s clear that tagging those products—at some level—is an appropriate and necessary step to protect your investment and company. Analyze your supply chain, consider the concerns of all those involved in that chain (marketing, manufacturing, sales, etc.) and take into account all the methods and options of tagging before making a decision on a solution.