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Speeding to Market

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: June 9, 2008, from the June 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Paddy Spence: We focus on high value and prestige products. The key product areas in which we have expertise are acne treatment, antiaging skin care, salon hair care, SPF/tanning, and naturals and organics. We also offer expertise in regulatory compliance. Our partners rely on us to make sure their formulas meet regulatory requirements globally.

Glenn Sandgren: Polysciences is recognized as a leader in formulating all natural body care products. We have excellent shampoos, conditioners and fixatives. Our lotions and soaps are class leaders for quality and performance, and for our lip balms, glimmers and glosses, we use only the finest ingredients.

Bill Hunt: Surefil is an expert in hair care, skin care and oral care. This includes all forms of liquid shampoos, conditioners, hair colorants, hair gels, body washes, hand soaps, skin lotions, mouthwashes, sun tan lotions, etc.

Vonda Simon: We’re concentrating on color cosmetics first—lip balms, loose powders and lip gloss. It’s all done on-site. When we get our new facility, we’ll produce hair and skin care products.