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Spa Products’ Limitless Future

By: Karen A. Newman
Posted: October 14, 2008, from the June 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

Today’s spa consumer is pretty savvy, and that is both a challenge and an opportunity for spa product manufacturers. According to Melinda Taschetta-Millane, editor of Skin Inc. magazine, a business publication for spa industry professionals, spa customers are well-educated and know the benefits of total body wellness. What’s more, they are buying into the spa experience. The 2004 International Spa Association (ISPA) report touched on consumer behavior and found that people wanted “pampering” to stay healthy and look good, and that they generally were knowledgeable and demanding about spa services. Today, however, new findings conclude that there is a shift in attitude. Taschetta-Millane said the emphasis now is on self-preservation and spas have gained a new aura of respectability. People want to reward themselves for working so hard. De-stressing and decompressing are cited by ISPA as the top two reasons for “being touched and pampered.”

According to the ISPA study, the top 10 product types in spa retailing include skin and body care products, products and treatments for men, and demand for quality products/specific ingredients. The contract manufacturers GCI magazine talked with tell stories that underscore the findings. These days, many contract manufacturers offer or are asked to produce products for spa and home-spa use.

Pamela Jo Busiek, CEO and president of CBI laboratories, Inc., said the company currently manufactures more than 30 different private label spa body formulations for both retail and in-spa professional treatments. Core retail products feature spa bath and shower basics and also a line of aromatherapeutic spa body products with relaxing and invigorating benefits. “In the past several years, we have added some successful retail products—ranging from our top selling SugarButter™ Body Scrub and Sugar Smoothie Body Crème as well as our Sugar Plum Spice Spa Body Trio, which includes a single-phase sugar scrub, shower wash and body butter,” Busiek said.

According to Melanie Dean-Valdez, CBI’s director of marketing and product training, the company expanded its professional spa body treatment offering with the launch of Shio Doro™ Detoxifying Scrub and Cellufirm Contouring Serum, designed to be used as an in-spa detoxifying service for cellulite. Shio Doro, Japanese for “salt mud,” is a fusion of unique body-firming ingredients from around the world. Natural sea salt from Okinawa, with its high mineral content, combines with organic colloidal fresh water silts from the Baltic lakes to improve skin smoothness, texture and tone. “We also added an intricate mix of trace mineral elements along with Arctic peat, wasabi and Japanese mushroom extracts to assist in removing debris and impurities while toning the skin,” said Dean-Valdez.

McKenna Labs also manufactures spa products, according to Sheryl Singer, national sales and marketing manager. The company does not produce its own brands so as not to compete with its customers’ lines. “As contract manufacturers, (we let) our customers choose the products in their lines and we manufacture/fill/label/ship for them,” Singer said.

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