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State of Packaging 2010

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: August 31, 2010, from the September 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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This is another way Pack Expo can help. The show covers the spectrum of global packaging innovations, allowing attendees to examine how advanced materials and machinery can work in concert. This approach has a strong impact on the bottom line and enables brands to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Bielefeldt: Consumers are going to continue to demand environmentally responsible packaging. However, consumers may not always understand what forms of packaging and labeling are more Earth-friendly than others, so it will be up to the brand owner to simply and honestly explain why its packaging is “greener” than other options. Smart brand owners will incorporate environmental messages in their packaging and marketing materials so consumers can understand why their bottles or decorating method is better for the environment than other packaging.

Q: Is it getting more difficult to “wow” consumers?

Gadomski: Fusion Packaging prides itself on being a lead innovator in the industry. Our main objective is to be the supplier that is constantly introducing new concepts to the market. Our customers have come to know that each time they visit with Fusion, they will see something new and exciting. Sure, it’s challenging to keep “wowing” our customers, but it’s also our favorite thing to do!

Dent: People will always have time for beautiful things. Create beauty through harmonious form and ingenious use of materials and color/effects, and you will continue to wow. What it does rely on however, is for the designer to understand all aspects of the packaging and not to use new (new material, new color or effect, etc.) as a substitute for a lack of creativity.

Trout: Actually, no. The “wow” factor changes year-to-year, but our customers/partners expect us to bring new developments on a constant basis. We innovate for changes in formulation, for consumer expectations and to adapt new technologies. There is still a considerable thrill, though, when the “wow” is transformative rather than evolutionary. Then you know you have something.