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State of Packaging 2010

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: August 31, 2010, from the September 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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It’s easy to think about bright and loud colors as standing out and drawing attention, but richer, softer and more subtle shades can do this as well. As much as anything else, it’s because color affects us all on a subconscious level, an emotional level. For example, we know from a number of studies that red is equated with excitement and passion, while blue stands for trust and reliability. Black is sophisticated, purple is spiritual, orange is playful—you get the picture.

What you need to do is spend some time thinking about the kind of impact you want to have on your target audience and which colors would work best to achieve that. A color doesn’t have to be bold to catch our eye, it just has to resonate with us—that’s enough to get a “Wow!”

Bielefeldt: Consumers don’t have as much time to be “wowed,” and there are not many packaging techniques they haven’t seen before. However, you can still “wow” them with a unique color, an unexpected texture or a beautiful frosted technique that transforms a stock bottle into a special packaging experience. There are also some very unique inks (for direct screen printing) that glow in the dark, change colors when heat is applied, or light up under black lights.

Q: How is what you are creating influencing purchasing behavior?

Trout: Some of MWV’s recently commissioned research showed consumers identify a fragrance’s packaging as the main reason for trying a scent. This means there’s significant opportunity for brand owners to get creative with their packaging—whether it’s through the customized, decorative dispensing system on a high-end fragrance or a distinctive folding carton that stands out on the retail shelf. That is where MWV can help the brand make an impact and it’s what consumers want; they want to see an eye-catching package and then try out the product.

Nagel: It’s critical for brand owners to get new products to market quickly. Based on our recent growth, JSN is adding manufacturing capacity to respond to this need.