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State of Packaging 2010

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: August 31, 2010, from the September 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Bakic: Approximately 70% of the consumption decision is done at the point of purchase. Design, material, color and graphics therefore play a very important role in initiating the consumption decision. Accordingly, it is in the first step of our task to develop products that entice consumers and spark their curiosity to consume the products. In the second step, the packaging has to be sophisticated enough through its function, handling, quality and so on to meet the expectations that were created at the point of purchase and therefore make the consumer repurchase the products.

Q: How will packaging, as a critical component of a marketing mix, continue to evolve?

Dent: There will need to be more reasons for packaging, beyond protection, information and aesthetics. What other value does it provide? With sustainability asking us to reduce packaging whenever possible, we need to show how the packaging choices we make can give added value to the customer.

Trout: When you think about a CPG brand, packaging is already a key element of brand owners’ overall marketing mix. Going forward, MWV will place a significant emphasis on helping cosmetics and beauty manufacturers further consider the opportunity to leverage packaging to help enhance brand equity and ultimately ensure a gateway to building the consumer relationship. With dispensing systems in particular, there is a strong connection between the packaging and the value that the product brings to the consumer. MWV continues to anticipate the needs of and innovate for and with brand owners as new beauty products and formulas are created.

Nagel: We feel more packaging will be in tubes, as the customer preference and ease of use continues to evolve.

Schinazi: By not being only a box but also more of a merchandise tool .The packaging will reinforce the presentation of the product itself.