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More: State of Packaging 2010

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: September 1, 2010, from the September 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Holland: We want to be the best provider of packaging solutions. That includes bringing to all of our customers—regardless of their respective industry—the best global innovative packaging options. If we don’t, we risk our future growth.

In terms of our in-house decorating and labeling departments, we continue to explore and expand our options to provide the latest technologies and processes. We also have an in-house art department that works with our customers on their graphic needs. We realize the importance of graphics and how profoundly they can impact a package, so we look at new inks and applications in this realm as well. Decoration and graphics have a tremendous effect on the overall appearance of a package, so we do not take that lightly. A simple package can become a show-stopper when the right graphic elements and decorating techniques come together. We continue to seek out innovations in this realm of the packaging world as well.

In addition, Kaufman Container is continually adding to our library of private molds in order to not only meet our customers’ needs but also the packaging trends in a variety of industries. We’ll take a look at what the market is demanding or where we see it going and build molds that are available for our customers’ use.

DiPietro: At DayGlo, we know color—we are continually developing new products and enhancing existing ones. We not only understand what it is our customers are trying to achieve, but also how to help them achieve it. We look at any innovation from two perspectives—color effects and also the specific medium in which those effects will be used. So as packaging continues to evolve, we will of course be exploring new palettes, new specialty color effects and new ways to use color to draw attention, build brands and enhance the value of any given product.

At the same time, we will be exploring ways to use color with new materials to create a wider ranger of packaging options for our customers. That may involve following environmental trends, addressing the need for direct contact with other materials or even finding ways to make one material appear like another—just as our dual-tone pearlescent pigments can make plastics look more like metals.