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More: State of Packaging 2010

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: September 1, 2010, from the September 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Holland: I think it depends on each individual brand and how they want to represent themselves. Some brands want to be fun and youthful, so they may look for more out-of-the box shapes and colors to represent themselves. Other brands are focused on the green effort and are represented by a more simplistic packaging approach and recyclability or PCR content. Sometimes the focus is on the decoration to sell the brand and wow the consumer rather than the packaging components. Other times the product is so innovative it requires customization to make it work. We focus on each individual customer to find a package that will work with their particular product and brand. Success in packaging is personal to each customer. Think of Chanel No 5, it’s a staple for many women. I don’t believe the package has ever changed from its inception. There’s a reason for that.

DiPietro: Structural and graphic design elements are essential to communicating a brand’s equity—including the perceived value or quality and brand image. At the heart of design is color, which quickly conveys a brand’s identity and makes an impression on the consumers mind. Ultimately, color builds brand recognition and preference driving sales. Research reveals people make a subconscious judgment about a product, person, or environment within 90 seconds of initial viewing; and between 62–90% of that assessment is based on color alone. [Source: CCICOLOR – Institute for Color Research]

Q: What has taken precedence or become the imperative in the current climate: offering new materials, designs and technologies or working/adapting with brand owners in new ways?

Gadomski: Offering new designs and technologies has taken precedence over working with brand owners in new ways. The first question our customers ask us is “What do you have that’s new?” With so much competition in the skin care market today, brands are constantly searching for the latest and greatest technology that will truly set their brand apart.

Trout: It’s really a combination of both. Coming out of the economic downturn, brand owners are more competitive than ever. They’re looking to partner with suppliers who get effective innovation and are faster to market. At the same time, they need their products to truly stand out on the shelf. So, brand owners are also looking to increase the customization of their products’ packaging.

An example of how MWV has innovated to meet this need is with through fragrance products and dispenser assemblies incorporating MWV’s NoC invisible dip tube. MWV’s newly patented fragrance dispensing system with the NoC dip tube is an elegant and discreet dispensing solution that offers the brand owner complete freedom to design a premium fragrance. With our innovative technology, the NoC dip tube is virtually invisible inside the fragrance. When paired with MWV’s Melodie pump, the fragrance stands above the rest as a superior, prestige product.