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O.Berk Company Shares Four Essentials For Tomorrow’s Packaging

By: O.Berk Company
Posted: September 21, 2010

Keeping pace means accepting this on-going change and the rapidly shifting packaging landscape as “normal,” notes O.Berk Company in a recent report. It also can mean adopting a progressive approach to finding unique solutions for your packaging and embracing a forward-thinking perspective that will best serve rapidly evolving wants and needs.

Addressing these challenges means thinking “outside the box” to find smart solutions for packaging projects. But even if your package is round in shape, your future packaging success may also come from occasionally thinking “inside the box.”

Whether square, round or oval, here are four essential elements to consider for your future packaging project needs:

1. Lighter:

Mix and match. Lots of smart benefits can be achieved by considering alternative lighter weight components made of the same or different materials. So mix it up when matching containers and closures. Materials options and stock-but-unique shapes offer solutions that can result in a great look and significant “weight loss.” And, when your package is shipped in today’s innovative, lighter weight packing and shipping materials, significant reductions in to-market costs can be further realized.

Strength through technology. With all the innovative resins and polymers available in both stock and custom, there’s no reason to sacrifice the strength of your package to gain a weight advantage. These advanced materials also offer a variety of shapes that provide products with brand distinction and personality.