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O.Berk Company Shares Four Essentials For Tomorrow’s Packaging

By: O.Berk Company
Posted: September 21, 2010

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Thin is in. Change from a thicker, heavier material to a lighter one, or from one plastic to another resin, which can provide significant savings based on material costs and auxiliary charges such as a machine set up.

2. Greener

Think ink. With the right ink formulation, the environmental issues associated with traditional labeling can be virtually eliminated. Recent advancements in ink and printing technologies eliminate having to choose between great decorating and sustainability. Direct printing enhances package recyclability and can minimize associated costs.

Make the right travel plans for your package. Consider a solutions partner who can source your components from locations in a tight geographic supply chain. Being environmentally smart isn’t only about the package itself. By sourcing “local,” you’ll be transporting your package shorter distances and that means less pollution, reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

Put on a green “face.” Many companies pride themselves on being responsible, environmentally concerned citizens. And their packaging reflects their values. It becomes a tangible way for these companies to engage with their customers and maintain strong relationships based on far more than a retail purchase. If your company has an eco-friendly philosophy, take advantage of opportunities, big and small, to demonstrate this in meaningful ways to your customers.

3. Cheaper (spending less and getting more)

One size fits all. This classic “inside the box” problem-solving approach is one that’s gaining more relevance every day. And, it’s not just because of the potential cost advantages. There can be savings in availability and shipping time for in-stock items. So, consider a stock package. One shape with many different sizes or one size with lots of color options. Combined with a unique decorating option, it can take a stock solution and make it an eye-catching winner.