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Eastman Teams With Designer Marc Rosen to Develop Makeup Packaging for the Future

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: January 25, 2011

Back row, from left: Triad (Leidel Corporation), Prive (Pieriplast of Peru), Swirl (Jackel Cosmetics Ltd.), Chic (Axilone) and Halo (Alcan Packaging Beauty of Brazil). Front row: Puzzle and Palette (both by Plasmetik Precision Molding Company, Ltd.).

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“Rarely do designers have the opportunity to step outside the confines of the expected and pursue new aesthetic and packaging directions,” said Rosen. “Rarer still are sophisticated materials that allow designers to fulfill their vision.”

The five ranges (Triad, Prive, Swirl, Chic and Halo) were inspired by designs of the 1940s and 1950s, reinterpreting them to create a contemporary look. Rosen has advocated referencing past successes to build future innovations in a number of his recent presentations and works over the past few years.

Triad was inspired by a personal compact (crafted in gold and reminiscent of an envelope) created in the 1940s by Paul Flato for Elizabeth Arden. Prive is architectural by nature, underscored by sharp, precise edges. The alternating stripe thickness captures light and creates varying depth of color when the package is full of product.

Swirl offers the Zen aesthetic of a Brancusi sculpture. Created, in part to showcase the material’s ability to flow and hold unique shapes, the varying thicknesses of the components create a tactile experience. Chic was inspired by compact and lipstick cases created by prestigious jewelers and meant to make a statement on status. Halo is about the purity of proportion. The uniform wall thickness and even material distribution underscores a simple but sophisticated design.

In addition to demonstrating the potential of the material, Puzzle and Pallette were created to illustrate how makeup packaging could be fun and practical.