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Learning From France’s Savvy Beauty Consumers

By: Eva Martin Fernandez
Posted: March 7, 2011, from the March 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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MWV has identified airless dispensing systems as ideal packaging options for natural products, due to the sensitive nature of natural formulations. MWV, for instance, leverages its Pure Path Technology in its Aria, Prelude and Adagio airless dispensers. The technology includes a metal-free fluid pathway that ensures protection for a wide variety of high-viscosity, oxygen-sensitive cosmetic and personal care products.

MWV’s Pearl and Pearl Mini airless dispensers leverage a slightly different innovation designed to protect the product’s integrity: Rolling Bellow Technology—which leverages one single silicon piece that combines several functions. It notably replaces the metal spring, made possible by its unique design, so the product does not contact metal.

Packaging should also be carefully considered when developing cosmeceuticals. Cosmeceuticals (cosmetic applications that contain highly sophisticated or complex formulations in order to provide pronounced benefits to the consumer) are quickly rising in popularity in Europe and the U.S. Euromonitor International research found that anti-aging products that could be defined as cosmeceuticals accounted for 23% of the total global skin care market in 2008, and grew faster than any other product type within the beauty sector.

As cosmeceuticals rise in popularity, careful consideration must be paid to packaging. Since cosmeceuticals are perceived to have a medicinal or healing element, it seems natural to design packaging that has a more pharma-driven look and feel. MWV’s research showed that European consumers shied away from cosmeceutical packaging that too closely resembles syringes or vials. MWV believes brand owners would be better suited by evaluating the right airless dispensing system that reinforces the medicinal aspect of the product but ensures a look and feel that more closely resembles a beauty product.

While the global landscape for the beauty industry is constantly evolving, packaging will always remain a critical aspect of a brand’s image and allure. Brand owners will be best served by paying attention to consumer trends and insights from savvy and progressive shoppers, like French consumers, in order to advance their brands in 2011 and beyond.