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The Basic Message—From Sample to Brand Fan

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: May 4, 2011, from the May 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Martin: The brand owner can also include a point-of-sale coupon in the sample packaging to spur the consumer to try the product at a discount and also use the coupon to track the immediate effect of the sample as it relates to sales. Klocke of America’s Blister or Sachet/Packette, designed to mimic the retail product, gives the sample brand identity so the potential customers know exactly what they are looking for when they are looking to buy the product at the store level or online. This same method can also be used to reintroduce an old product back into the market.

Lockyer: Increase brand awareness, boost sales across brand/product range (including non-sampled products), encourage repeat purchase and increase footfall into retail stores.

GCI: What are new or soon-to-be-available options in creating a brand or product association through sampling—i.e. new technologies for creating samples; new designs; re-evaluations of sample designs, branding strategies, etc?

Martin: We have been able to duplicate retail bottle dosing of multiple product bulks (swirls of two or three bulks together) into the same blister or sachet chamber, which is new to the sampling industry. Our dosing capabilities have always been unique, but we really have stepped up our technical ability to dose very unique bulks to our customers’ requirements/needs and our R&D department’s expertise.

We have also expanded our printing capabilities with registered printing on a variety of clear and opaque thermoformed materials in many forms and have created and patented a stand-up blister design that garnered a lot of attention for allowing consumers to try the single-use sample and, if not fully used, snap back a ring on the form and stand up the blister to be finished later.