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The Basic Message—From Sample to Brand Fan

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: May 4, 2011, from the May 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Martin: We have more and more customers looking to put more than one product into a sample delivery package—a gel shaving sample, for example, with an aftershave sample in a single-folded card with an internally printed coupon for either product, rather then promoting each product separately. [This includes] the use of larger cards to hold the single-dose samples.

We have also been running sachets/packettes that are two- and three-up delivered. These are multiple brand sachets with two and three products side by side. This type of delivery provides more than one branded product and also gives brands a fairly large billboard to tell their story to consumers.

Lockyer: With such a diverse range of distribution methods available to brands, a sample design that suits any form of distribution offers great benefits. For example, sachets, Sampling Innovations’ Imagin, fragrance/cosmetic labels and Sampling Innovations’ Colorkiss allow sample delivery under any circumstances.

GCI: How can sample packaging deliver the same messages that can be delivered through the primary product packaging—things such as brand position (natural line, high-tech line) and the brand owner company’s corporate values (green company, sustainable initiatives, ethical sourcing, etc)?

Martin: The basic message is the identity of the sample as it relates to the retail product, but that message can be expanded by utilizing the sample holder, such as the flat card, folded card or three-to-four panel booklet card that the samples are assembled in to provide space to tell the product story. We are also seeing sachets/packettes in much larger formats to create more branding and story space.