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The Basic Message—From Sample to Brand Fan

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: May 4, 2011, from the May 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Lockyer: Sample packaging encourages purchase of full-size product, as the sample educates the consumer to purchase with confidence. Sample size products are increasingly sold for the specific purpose of travel and convenience, encouraging new consumers and repeat purchases.

GCI: How would you suggest brand owners evaluate whether the sample design and the delivery system is appropriate for the brand and product?

Martin: Most of our customers have us make a marketing tool and samples from that tool to prove the design. The charges to do this are minimal, and the customers get to see exactly what they are getting and have the chance to make changes in order to get to the final designs.

Lockyer: With many options available, sample design and delivery system should be considered very carefully to suit a brand and product. Ask the advice of sampling experts, evaluate past and competitor activities, look at market research or even run a small scale trial.

Every sampling campaign should be evaluated in terms of brand impact, awareness and sales. A coupon offered with any sample offers is the simplest way to measure direct impact on sales. The key is for brands to stand out from their competition, and sampling really offers so many creative options in design and distribution to ensure a brand really stands out from the crowd. And with increased use of social media, enabling consumers to judge products and pass comments on to millions, no longer will brands succeed on [one dimensional and sample-less] marketing budgets alone. Products simply must deliver quality and value, and there is no better way for brands to demonstrate this than by offering a sample.