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Packaging Skin Care: Insights for a Healthy Future

By: Earl Trout
Posted: May 4, 2011, from the May 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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With the industry-wide move toward more elaborate packaging and suppliers offering more decoration options on more types of packaging, masstige products are better able to attract former prestige consumers.

Brand Extensions Increasing; Packaging Helps Define “New” Brands

Longtime trusted brands have been successful in expanding their consumer base by adding new product lines for targeted audiences. For instance, when Olay launched a trial version of its Pro X anti-aging line, the product sold out in just 17 minutes online. By developing a range of products at different price points and targeting different demographics, brands are able to simultaneously retain current consumers, grow their business and expand their appeal to a wider audience. As consumers press for more affordable options to meet their personal care needs, brands are increasing their suite of offerings to meet these new demands. Packaging is a key element of this process; a brand’s appearance must match the look and feel of the new brand while also synergizing with existing branding, as the product evolves to reach a niche set of consumers.

Consumers Talk in Detail About Beauty Brands and the Packaging Online

With the rise in online consumer-generated content, Americans have taken to the Internet to talk about the brands they love. More and more Americans are using the Internet to research products. Consumers are neither shy about asking their online communities about a brand or refrain from offering advice when asked. Facebook, Twitter and blogs are just a few of the places consumers can go to talk about a product before they decide where to spend their money. Packaging is not exempt from these conversations, and those involved with packaging creation and decisions have a real opportunity to educate consumers about the benefits of, for example, airless packaging.

While not all online chatter is positive, negative conversations can serve as an effective tool to help address issues raised in the online space, thereby leading to the creation of products that better address consumer needs and frustrations.

In fact, MWV’s research showed that most American consumers do not recognize an airless dispensing system and do not understand the role of an airless package in ensuring product integrity. With a more robust education, consumers can better discern an airless product from other types of pumps and the benefits of buying airless, including the freshness factor and the exactness of dispensing.

Consumers Want to Get Their Money’s Worth; Every Last Drop Counts