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State of Packaging 2011

By: Lisa Doyle
Posted: November 1, 2011, from the November 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Nowak: Emerging markets are indeed very dynamic, although not every so-called emerging market is at the same level. In India, for example, personal care products such as those for shower, shampoo and body care are growing, whereas Brazil’s consumers are already purchasing more sophisticated and luxury products. We at Rexam Personal Care need to answer this variance by offering different packaging solutions that answer specific, localized customer needs. In Brazil, our Jundiai production site produces makeup packaging, lipsticks, cases for face and eyes, deodorants, and fragrance pumps to support major customers such as Natura, O Boticario and Yambal, and we continue to invest in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

Jackson: Emerging markets bring new ideas for packaging because of different cultural habits in terms of use and target price. They enrich our vision of packaging and make us think on how we can adapt our packaging to these specific markets. Albéa organizes local workshops to identify local consumers’ needs.

GCI: Which consumer demands or expectations do you anticipate to continue to impact packaging?

Carafa: Due to sustainability initiatives, many consumers are looking for a package that is more than just a package. They want it to have a secondary use, such as storage for the product after it is opened. The battery market, for example, has embraced this initiative with reclosable battery packages.

Rusch: The industry is pushing for shorter lead times and faster speed to market. The need for innovation is also a key issue that we continue to hear from our customer base. We continue to hold innovation at the forefront of manufacturing overall and develop processes that continually push the category forward; double anodizing is a great example of innovation in packaging.