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Evolution of Innovation

By: Sara Mason
Posted: November 30, 2011, from the December 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Innovation is all about being new in the market, extending your reach. It can come by the way a consumer interacts with a brand, how it looks on the shelf or dictates how it performs, and today’s hectic lifestyles create the need for multifunctionality beyond containing and protecting a product. But customization and personalization options enable companies to offer unique and personal products.

MWV’s custom Mini-Trigger Curve, on select TRESemmé and Nexxus spray gel and hair spray products, for example, was a consumer insight-driven development to improve ergonomics that brings a reusable integrated lock for the consumer’s convenience. According to Earl Trout, director of marketing for MWV’s Beauty & Personal Care, MWV is able to bring synergies that infuse development with insight and design. One of the outcomes of the company’s evolution is the implementation of a consumer insights group to validate and test products from a consumer perspective.

“‘Is the package intuitive? Is it preferred over other packaging?’ Asking these kinds of questions during development brings more success in the market and meets the growing consumer demand for high-quality packaging solutions,” explains Trout. Additionally, products—and, consequently, their packaging—now need to be intuitive, building into consumers’ lifestyles and how they use products. “It’s important to communicate to the consumer on shelf,” says Trout.

Suppliers such as MWV are seeing more requests to build on customization requests, to bring functionality and personalization to a specific brand. In the case of Dualiste, Nexxus wanted to upgrade the brand to a salon feel with a unique formulation. “But it’s not just one shampoo or combination,” explains Trout. The right product has the mix specific to an individual’s needs to make it “my shampoo.”

The main driver for Dualiste is to offer both color protection and hair type protection, depending on individual need. The dual-chamber package actually has a shampoo on one side specific for color protection and shampoo specified for treatment on the other. When using Dualiste, the user will get equal amounts of both shampoos. Although Alberto-Culver designed the overall package, MWV developed the Harmony Dual dual-dispensing system using its Harmony dispenser engine.