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Evolution of Innovation

By: Sara Mason
Posted: November 30, 2011, from the December 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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New technology has enabled companies to provide packaging on demand as well as produce products in small quantities. savvy beauty consumers are becoming more concerned about maintaining the efficacy of their products. Monodose formats address this but create waste, making an opportunity ripe for innovation.

Neopac has developed a flexible tube ideal for use with serums. The Beauty Serum Dropper enables users to generate individual drops that can be applied directly to the skin, precisely and cleanly, or added to another substance by metered dosing. “We ask our customers what is missing or needed in the market, and we create our innovations around an unmet market need,” says Richard Misdom, sales manager, Neopac Pharma North America. “Once a viable packaging solution is found, the brand can promote how it helps the consumer with the use of the new package.”

James Alexander Corporation also provides single-use packages that can be opened single-handedly, offering portability and ease-of-use for today’s buyers’ busy lifestyles. “A unique package that speaks to its product will stand out among competitors with ordinary packages,” notes Carol Gamsby, director of sales. The company’s unique package allows for extended shelf life with no compatibility issues, and the new look stands out in a crowd of other similarly targeted products, according to Gamsby.

Men in Mind

More men are joining the grooming game, but beauty brands are finding men prefer packaging that reaffirms their masculinity. Eco men’s grooming line EvolutionMan is capitalizing on that fact while also finding ways to reuse rather than develop new packages. All of the brand’s recyclable tubes are made with postconsumer recycled materials, and its boxes also use paper generated from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. But founder and CEO Marco Berardini didn’t sacrifice aesthetics to do it. He wanted the products to be responsible, but his one-year-old brand is about more than that: “Proof positive that environmental can be stylish,” he says.

Berardini founded the brand with the desire to combine aesthetics with eco-consciousness. “Everything about my brand was created based on one decision after another that considered the male psyche as well as what was best for the environment,” he explains. Berardini asked his friends to be brutally honest about the packaging throughout its development. There’s a reason for everything. The colors are modern and aesthetically pleasing, and he avoided a traditional eco-friendly palette in order to not distract from the brand and attract consumers with an aesthetic sensibility. The tube is oval-shaped, so it’s sleek but also will fit on narrow bathroom ledges. He also added a cap that feels rugged and masculine, and put it on the bottom, because “men are lazy.”