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Case Studies: Giving Brand Packaging a Face-lift

By: Yolanda Santosa
Posted: March 2, 2012, from the March 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

Beauty packaging is setting the standard for most retail brand packaging design, even where the product is not necessarily beauty-related. With a focus on aesthetics, the beauty industry has greatly impacted the visceral draw of products, especially for those brands that are more geared toward the female consumer.

A case in point, Hustler designed its new adult toy line and packaging with a cosmetic sensibility, giving the once dated and explicit brand a much needed face-lift with a chic and accessible new look. Hustler made its product packaging stylish and mainstream, while still maintaining the core brand’s rebellious reputation.

The products are marketed more as necessary luxuries rather than taboo items people should feel shy about. It was important for the packaging to reflect beauty and elegance, while steering away from nudity or explicit language.

Now, the packaging features an altogether new product personality unlike any other product in its industry. Hustler suggests a pleasure workout, listing the calories per hour that each activity might burn.

Three separate collections were created for the line: Beginner, Intermediate and Professional. This would make the products feel less daunting to those new to this category of products, while encouraging exploration for those with more experience. In addition, retailers could choose to feature all three collections or select lines that were more appropriate for their consumer base. The products themselves were inspired by the latest trends, colors and industry innovations. With a selected color palette ranging from blues to purples, pinks and reds, the brand would feel bold yet playful. Just like a woman might select a lipstick shade based on her mood, a woman could also choose a product color that reflected her mood. Customers are encouraged to mix, match, accessorize and create custom sets based on their color/mood choice.