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Case Studies: Giving Brand Packaging a Face-lift

By: Yolanda Santosa
Posted: March 2, 2012, from the March 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Black and silver were the primary colors used in the packaging, giving it a clean and stylish feel. The line features different types of packaging depending on the product. The higher priced items or those with accessories and additional parts were packaged in streamlined boxes with a semi-translucent cover so the product could be easily viewed.

The basic and more moderately priced items were packaged in thick plastic zip-top bags for hang display. This would drive impulse purchasing, encouraging customers to buy the same product in multiple colors.

Since its launch, the line has been very successful and has even started new industry trends. The brand’s tagline continues to “convert” new members everyday: “Be adventurous, feel liberated and relax, it’s just sex.”

Los Angeles-based startup Echo Beverages also took cues from the simple elegance of beauty packaging to drive its brand identity. Echo is positioned as an environmentally responsible bottled water company with a focus on local production and distribution, featuring 100% recyclable bottles made from 100% recycled plastic. The packaging had to mesh with the company’s staunch eco-responsible philosophy.

The logo, bottles and all corresponding packing were designed with simplicity in mind. In addition to conveying the company’s philosophy, the bottle had to also sell the product itself, amid shelves of bottled water competitors. Featuring a slim label and nothing else, the bottle’s sheer simplicity allows it to stand out. Clean, modern and responsible, the blue and green color palette evokes the purity of the water, while the design of the packaging also keeps waste to an absolute minimum. The removable label was designed to save time and effort at recycling facilities, and the brand encourages the consumer to peel the easily removable label before putting the bottle in a recycling bin.