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Case Studies: Giving Brand Packaging a Face-lift

By: Yolanda Santosa
Posted: March 2, 2012, from the March 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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The labels were printed in a carbon neutral, FSC-certified, 100% wind-powered facility. The name of the brand, like the arrows in the logo emphasize how efficiently Echo uses all of its resources. The brand’s tagline itself states Echo is “simple, local and responsibly packaged.”

Since Echo’s launch, it has seen much success throughout all of Los Angeles, including being picked up by Whole Foods Markets. As for the beauty industry itself, there is a growing importance placed on the packaging to drive the brand, as well as consideration of the materials used to create the packaging. Coola Suncare, a San Diego-based company, launched a sun protection line positioned as all natural, organic and cruelty-free in 2002, and recently released its newest line, Environmental Repair Plus—comprised of three products designed to reverse the damage caused not just by the sun, but also by other environmental stressors such as pollutants, toxins and dust.

To communicate the purity of the product line, the packaging was designed to showcase simplicity. Featuring a pure white box with green accent, each product highlights an image of one of the showcased ingredients. For example, Calm Glow Eye Gel shows three delicate pink rose petals representing the rose flower water ingredient utilized to help soothe and tone delicate skin around eyes. The Fresh Relief Face Serum features an image of green alfalfa sprouts, an extract used to fight wrinkles and improve skin’s elasticity and collagen production.

As the products themselves are eco-consciously developed and produced, the packaging materials, inks and their production had to follow suit. All of the packaging is made from recycled paper and is 100% recyclable. In addition, all of the products are created at the company’s solar-powered lab.

As packaging plays an increasingly vital role in brand development, there is a shift toward more aesthetic creativity, as well as an emergence of more eco-friendly packaging materials and production. Reinforcing a brand’s philosophy through packaging gives consumers a more practical understanding of the product and the brand, therefore greatly increasing the chances of the company’s success in an exceedingly competitive market.