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Influence From the Outside

By: Robert F. Brands
Posted: April 4, 2012, from the April 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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To get a jump on leading package designs for beauty industry offerings, inspiration can come from all sides, but focus in on what your brand needs and speaks to. That may include some of the following trending industry-related issues.

Kid-friendly products. Youths without a line on their faces are already concerned about their skin. They are well-informed and have disposable income. To address this market, look for bright, colorful, textured package design elements in products targeting a younger demographic. Already evident in jewelry and mobile phone accessories, embellishments of the pack design enhance the link with fashion, as well as distinguish the product. For example, new mascara applicators with bold shapes and textures that completely shatter old-school thinking exemplify this.

Premiumization pressure. As prestige package design elements find their way into mass product use, prestige brands must continually raise the bar on innovation. Added convenience, enhanced functionality and attention to detail will continue to rule the day. The smoothness of a lipstick mechanism, the quality of a closing click feature or of the aerosol effect—this type of feature is more critical than ever. The appeal of the prestige product rests within the notion of the dream, the escape, the magic, which then prompts a purchase decision.

Rise of mini products. Smaller package sizes and mini products can both introduce consumers to a brand and facilitate greater sampling. Today’s mini products are powerful brand ambassadors—perfect replicas of the retail product with careful design and decoration.

Nomad products. There is a veritable arsenal of products within the purse of every woman, and these consumers are on-the-go and looking to freshen their appearance throughout the day. How does this play out in the marketplace? One example is the growing popularity of dry shampoos in smaller sizes, made possible by powder valve technology. Thanks to the volumizing effect of these dry shampoos, a quick styling before heading out with friends after work can now be easy and fun.