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Case Study: Packaging That Inspires Confidence

By: Tim Eaves
Posted: June 1, 2012, from the June 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.
Frezyderm packaging

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The company has its own factory, and its products are supported by studies in Greek and international university clinics, as well as vetted according to pharmaceutical standards. Additionally, Frezyderm’s R&D operations keep up a continuous dialogue with dermatologists and pediatricians, and as part of this dialogue, Frezyderm holds regular seminars for chemists on dermatological cosmetics.

Brand-aware Packaging

Frezyderm’s brand is one that concentrates on clinical action. Consumers know its products are targeted to go beyond beauty in order to try to address specific dermatological needs. So when Frezyderm developed its new range of skin care products, the company had absolute conviction that the packages needed to complement the formula in such a way that consumers instantly recognized them as clinically efficient.

After a considerable investment of time and resources in formulating the products, Frezyderm needed to ensure the packaging matched this effort. The first package requirement was that it had to be compatible with the products. It also needed to be capable of dispensing high-viscosity formulas, and it had to have shelf impact. Essentially, Frezyderm wanted the products to be unique in-store when compared to the competition.

“We regard the pack as part of the brand,” says Anastasiou. “We have carefully built up the Frezyderm brand over 25 years, and we make sure this is reflected in everything that is transmitted by the company, including the packs that contain our products. That is why we spent a lot of time selecting both the packaging provider, as well as the packs themselves.”

Airless Protection

Frezyderm’s packaging market research led it to Quadpack’s Turkish office. Learning of the composition of the skin care range’s formulas and Frezyderm’s objectives, Quadpack recommended the Yonwoo airless technology as the solution, feeling this packaging fit Frezyderm’s criteria on multiple levels.