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Case Study: Packaging That Inspires Confidence

By: Tim Eaves
Posted: June 1, 2012, from the June 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.
Frezyderm packaging

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Yonwoo’s patented airless packs seal the bulk formula in an airtight environment, safeguarding it from external contamination. This helps ensure a longer shelf life, protects the formula’s integrity and makes it capable of dispensing high-viscosity formulas. Airless actuation means the pack can be used from any angle for the comfort of the consumer, and the packs also help to ensure correct dosage with each actuation—the product is dispensed without waste, and the remaining bulk of the formulation is automatically drawn up.

As an added benefit, airless technology is also more environmentally friendly, requiring no chemicals, gases or aerosols to dispense the product.

Medical Look and Feel

With a wide range of shapes, sizes and pumps to choose from, Yonwoo’s portfolio offers several options that could be customized to meet brand requirements. To figure out the best strategy for the new skin care line, Frezyderm team members visited Quadpack’s showroom in Istanbul for a firsthand look at the options.

“We wanted a medical look and feel to the packs that conveyed the formula’s dermatological action. However, it needed to stand out on pharmacy shelves as well, so we looked for something eye-catching that complemented the elegant lines of our brand,” explains Anastasiou.

Frezyderm settled on Yonwoo’s airless Show Bottle, feeling its technical performance and clean, clinical appearance fulfilled the needs for its new skin care offerings. The selected pack features a test tube shape, with a spherical bottom showcased through a transparent outer base. With an inner bottle and actuator made of recyclable polypropylene, it also provides compatibility with a wide range of products. 

Brand New Range