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Case Study: Packaging That Inspires Confidence

By: Tim Eaves
Posted: June 1, 2012, from the June 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.
Frezyderm packaging

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Having selected the actual pack, the packaging development process was ready to start. First, a comprehensive brief was jointly prepared, detailing every aspect of the formula, the brand, technical and creative requirements, and the bottom-line objective of the new product range. A schedule was then drawn up, with target dates for each phase in the process, right up to the launch. 

Frezyderm took samples of the packs for compatibility testing at its own laboratory, and, once approved, Quadpack developed all three packs in the Show Bottle range for each of the 11 skin care products, which target consumers in the 20–45 age group. The 15-mL Show Bottle is used to contain Frezyderm’s Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream and Eye Balm, the 30-mL pack is used for the Revitalising Serum, and the tall 50-mL packs contain various moisturizing, sun protection and anti-aging products.

The packs were customized with a metallized ABS collar, a white PP inner bottle, a clear SAN outer collar, and a white PP actuator. These were then delivered to Frezyderm for filling and labeling. With production and delivery times of less than 12 weeks, the process went smoothly and the deadline was achieved, meaning the new products were able to hit the shelves of more than 2,500 pharmacies in Greece in early 2011.

Shelf Impact

The new skin care range has been quite successful, and in fact, Frezyderm has had to put in two repeat orders with Quadpack since the initial launch. In addition, it has changed the packaging of its Active Block SPF25 Anti-aging Photoprotective Cream over to the Show Bottle as well, taking advantage of the Show Bottle’s technical specifications. On that product, the ABS collar is metallized gold for a bright, sunny look, and this new pack will be launched into market in summer 2012.

The Show Bottle packs have helped contribute to the success of the range, and Frezyderm has found consumer reaction to be enthusiastic. Market feedback shows consumers consider the products and packaging practical and original. This has led Frezyderm’s export department to now work on planning a strategy to launch and promote its anti-aging line abroad.