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Within the Lines

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: October 3, 2008, from the May 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Even with the seemingly simple and small adjustments, there are considerations to be made—considerations that will affect the packaging cost.

“Smaller outlets like the Gap change color very frequently compared to a global OEM. They also tend to use a lot of stock tooling at molders,” said Prusak. “We often see issues where a particular colorant will not work in certain molds due to the pigments needed to obtain a color. Chromatic blues and greens using certain chemistry pigments that are really the best choice cannot be used in some molds. We work with our customers to try to stop this at the outset.”

Product and Formula Demands

The use of multifunctional color cosmetic products and two-in-one products is growing, as is the popularity of sophisticated formulas and mineral and antiaging ingredients. This has meant the need for innovative multipurpose packaging and the consideration of how the packaging affects the product and vice versa.

“We have seen a major increase in double-ender products, which provide the consumer with either complementary formulas (lip gloss over base lipstick) or two completely different categories (lip on one side and mascara on the other),” said Pearlman. “CROWN Risdon has stock double-ender products that serve either lip and eye categories or a mixture of both.”

As stated by Prusak, with the trend for speed-to-market comes the need to use new materials that may have not been tested in all applications. PolyOne anticipates and reacts to this need by using performance additives to help retard light and heat degradation.